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I am Bc. (yes, I have a title) John B. Templayer, a high voltage specialist, an electrotechnician, an ecologist, a gamer (mostly old games, but there are several modern games I like), a historical swordsman (stopped until I get my own sword), a traditional bowman (my bow broke and my new one soon will), an airsoft specialist (trying to get enough money for an airsoft gun), a literature nerd (I've read a lot of books, even though they all were either of the Fantasy or Science Fiction genre), and I suffer from the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. My primary language is Czech, my secondary language (which I’ve studied through my school years) is German, and English is my third one. I do also like Latin, even though I am not well versed in it, and I can't translate to, or from Latin. The gaming genres I like the most are the RPG games, which is a short term for Role-Playing games, in which you are in a role of a character inside a logical (a thing which doesn't usually apply to the modern games), well-literate and well-explained world and adventure games. I like games from other genres as well, but it depends on how many choices you do have in them, and how complex they are! I like watching LPs, and some of my favourite TV shows include Stargate, Smallville, The Clone Wars and stuff like that, from movies I like Final Fantasy VII, the various DC and Marvel superhero movies and any logical one available. My favourite book series? Probably Magic of Xanth from Anthony Piers, Inheritance of the Dragonriders from Christopher Paolini, various Starcraft and Starwars novels, the Harry Potter from Rowling and the Narnia books. I don't like the Harry Potter and Narnia movies though. Do you want to know anything else? Send me an email! I might update this section! :-)

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