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This is a list of my gaming buddies, kindred authors, and other kindred spirits. The rule of thumb to become a part of the "gaming buddies" tab is to have at least one finished gaming project with me on Youtube. If I forgot anyone, feel free to send me an email.

Description: Somehow we share the same youtube channel, and he plays with me in my coop videos. He drew that dragon in his icon himself. And yes, he is my father. >_>
Communicates through: Czech
Youtube: shares the channel with me
Genres: Shooters

Description: A madman sentenced several times by court for trying to steal my pirated NES console. When they saw him last, he kept saying “Atari”.
Communicates through: Czech and English
Genres: Strategy games and Shooters

Description: A schoolmate from elementary AND secondary school. If you say the words "Super Sword" when he's near, he will get a seizure.
Communicates through: Czech
Web: nemá
Youtube: nemá
Genres: Hack&Slash RPG

Description: My little cousin. Also known as Drowpac, Trp, Trpajzl, or Trphajzl. I'm still getting migraines from his voice.
Communicates through: Czech
Web: nemá
Youtube: but he never put anything on it... :D
Genres: RPG

Gothic Mods ( Pirahna Greg )

Communicates through: Czech

John Bromin

Communicates through: English
Millenium Frisbee

Communicates through: English


Communicates through: Czech
Communicates through: Slovak

Communicates through: English


Communciates through: German and English
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