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Horké Léto 2 / Hot Summer 2 was added into the Video Walkthroughs section.
Horké Léto / Hot Summer was added into the Extensive Series section.
Lord Winklebottom Investigates was added into the Currently Published section.

Various links were removed, as ulozto ceased to exist in its original form.

Three additional browsers were added into the Introductionary section for Linux Mint (and everything from Ubuntu onwards) - Chrome, Iron and Konqueror.

Fixed a lot of typos ( per usual).

Pokémon Light Platinum was added into the Walkthroughs and Extensive Series sections.

Jagged Alliance Online was added into the Currently Published Series section.

One small typo was fixed in the Introductionary section.

Some unfinished business was finished in the section with Extensive videoseries - Brány Skeldalu 2: Pátý Učedník (the Gates of Skeldal 2: The Fifth Disciple) were added to the Gates of Skeldal series list, the Median XL cancelled LP was added to Diablo, and new series lists were added - Vietcong, Master of Orion, Ultima, Fallout, Half-Life, Commander Keen, Counter-Strike (yuck) and DC Universe.

The section with the browser compatibility at the end of the Introductionary section was completely remade and updated for 2021 (as in only browsers actively developed during 2021 were kept there and another set of website tests was made for those afterwards).
A lot of typos and errors were fixed:

  • ""Šachy" (různé strategické hry)" - had "Hlasový komentář: pokuď je, tak v češtině" - which was fixed to "pokud" (CZECH ONLY)
  • "Half-Life 1 Deathmatch (+ Fuzimi, Bartucha, Drowpac, Skineri)" - An ampersand was added before Skineri instead of a comma, as is used for all descriptions of series that has more than three players.
  • the same was done for "NetKeen (+ Illidan, Fuzimi, Mamlu)"
  • "vyjímky" instead of "výjimky" in the description of Extended series (CZECH ONLY)
  • The voice commentary was incorrect for the Extended series for Dungeon Siege, and while I was at it, I've added the information about "The Locusts" series, as they are timelapsed.
  • "UFO: Afterlight" didn't contain the name of the mod in brackters under its title, as it was for the previous two installments
  • In Other Videos - "Videos not conforming to the categories above." - "Above" made no sense, because there was nothing above! This applies to the Czech version as well.
  • Kotor in the Currently Published series in English had a wrong thumbnail (it had the Czech one, even though the English one was available...)
  • the descriptions in the Gaming Video Projects section (which provided descriptions for each subsection) were all around the place. They have been stylistically unified, even though it still isn't ideal.

The Duke Nukem 3D Coop (+ Fuzimi & Illidan) series was added to the Playthroughs section. Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge Soundtrack was added to the Soundtracks section.

Youtube links to videos were broken across the site due to the type of embedding not being supported anymore, so I had to go through the entire site and manually change each of those to a standard hyperlink instead.

Two cancelled series (Diablo 2: Median XL with Vyktory and Neverwinter Nights 1 with Bartuška) were added into the Gameplay videos section.

The Kindred section had some changes. JohnBromin/DailyEraser got moved from the Befriended part to the Co-authors part, and the state of each Befriended channel was added.

Vietcong was removed from Currently Published section, Other and Horké Léto 2 (Hot Summer 2) were added, while Brány Skeldalu 2: Pátý Učedník (The Gates of Skeldal 2: The Fifth Disciple) was moved from there to the Video Walkthroughs section.
An error was fixed for going through tabbed text boxes and tabbed tables for slower browsers (Vivaldi, Tor Browser). Their javascripts were modified to be more effective and for it to look a bit better.

Addition from 27. 1. 2022 - A black screen error was fixed for tabbed textboxes and tables, which occured when a mobile version of the website was enforced (K-meleon, Otter). The non-enforced mobile version (the one without the compatibility warning) was not affected by this bug.

A lot of typos were fixed.
The Diablo 1 and Pokémon Ruby series were moved from the Currently published series section into the Video Playthroughs section.

Diablo was added into the Extensive series section.

The Currently published section now has Vietcong 1: Fist Alpha Coop and Pokémon HACK: Light Platinum in it.

Several typos and wrong hyperlinks were fixed.

The browser compatibility subsection inside the Introductionary section was updated for 2020:
Midori is now fully compatible with this website! And it has a new icon. :)
Otter for Win7 - videos are now working!
Otter for WinXP - was added, videos aren't working and otherwise the same limitations as in the Win7 version apply.
Lunascape was removed, because it seems like its development has ceased.
Same for the CYGWIN version of Gnome Web (also previously known as Epiphany).
Arctic Fox for WinXP was added, but only the mobile version of this website works in it.
Centaury for WinXP was added and works flawlessly.
BNavigator for WinXP was added and works flawlessly.
IceApe-UXP For WinXP was added and works flawlessly.
Falcon's current state was updated.
Tor Browser - List-based text boxes do not show their arrows
Vivaldi - the dynamic size change based on the content of the
active tab doesn't work for list-based text boxes.

Blisk - the browser for developers - has been added to the Introductionary Section.
The Tor Browser was appended to the end of Introductionary Section.
The Cốc Cốc browser (Vietnamese favourite) was appended to the end of Introductionary Section.
The Pixie conversion from Wizardry 7 to Wizardry 8 (with animations added) has been added to the Mods section.

In the same section the old links for the MMMerge project have been removed and replaced with a link to the Tracker, which will always contain the newest version.
More browsers have been added to the Introductionary section in the part for Compatibility info at the bottom of the page.
Racial Skills replacing Racial Classes mod for Might and Magic: The World of Enroth (Merge) has been updated in the Mods section.
Compatibility info for modern browsers has been added to the Introductionary section.
The Currently Published section has been remade. Schedule has been updated.
Fixed various typos and untranslated things in the English version of the website.

Gooka has been added to the Extensive Series section and Heroes 2 has been added to both the Extensive Series section and Gameplay section.

Updated the Character Creation Unlocker in the Mods section for the Might and Magic Merge: The World of Enroth project to V3 - zombies have been added.
A long time fan with the nickname of GDSpectra has informed me that the menu doesn't open in specific subsections (namely each of the Hero-Villain Gallery subsections, Walkthroughs,...), if you are using a mobile or a tablet. The error was due to my javascript fix for tabs in tables with animations. The error was fixed, but it is still possible to produce it manually - it will happen in those sections if you were to select a tab in a table and then VERY QUICKLY try opening the menu - it will open only for a brief moment and almost immediately close. Same will happen if you try to open the menu right after the page loads. But you have to be quick to produce this bug. :)

Character called Benito from Might and Magic VII by GDSpectra has been added to the Fan section of Hero-Villain Gallery.

A playlist for modification results has been added to the Mods section.

Various Tutorials have been added to the Info videos section.

The Gates of Skeldal 2: The Fifth Disciple has been added to the Currently Published Videos section. Gooka 2: The Mystery of Janatris has been moved into the Video Walkthroughs section.
Javascripts responsible for dynamically changing table height have been fixed on the website.
Racial Skills that Replace Racial Classes Modification for the MMMerge Project has been added to the Mods section.

V1.0 version of the Web has been launched! Web x5 Engine converted from the V14 demo version to a full 17.1.2

Here's what I had to code to fix stuff that broke during the conversion:

//Nejdříve u specifických stránek je nastaven příznak o tom, že tam dochází ke chybě:

//Může na této stránce nastat chyba s animacemi na záložkách objektů?
var animationTabGlitchOccursWithSelectedAnimation = true;

//Zbytek se řeší v obecném sdíleném JS

//Obecná část pro všechny stránky:

//Další část kódu řeší bug ve verzi 17.1.2, když se animuje něco, co má textové záložky (protože je to rozbije)

if (animationTabGlitchOccursWithSelectedAnimation){


  //Získáme si objekt, u kterého jsou záložky
  var objectWithTabs = $('.text-tabs').parent();

  //Provádíme pouze, existují-li záložky a zároveň záložka pro posun, tzn. jen když může vůbec daný bug vzniknout
  if (objectWithTabs.length != null  && objectWithTabs.find('').length != 0){

      //Projdeme si všechny objekty nad textovými záložkami
      objectWithTabs.each(function( table ) {

          //Nastavíme základní parametry pro reset. Nevím jak tam narvat target, takže ho to tam rve dodatečně
          var paramsForReset = {target: null, effect: 'random', cleanCssContent: false, width: '100%', height: '100%', setTabScrollWidth: 'true', setContainerHeight: true, enableFixedHeight: false, fixedHeight: 220, tabPosition: 'top'};

          //Dle procházeného objektu se záložkami uložíme ID a vypíšeme do logu, že se něco takového vykonává
          var objectWithTabsId = $(this).attr('id');
          console.log('Dojde k resetu zalozek u ' + objectWithTabsId + ' kvuli oprave bugu v X5 ohledne animaci a zalozek');

          //Doplníme cíl, který chceme takto fixnout a obnovíme záložky
 = '#' + objectWithTabsId;

}, 4000) //Čas případně navýšit, kdyby v budoucnu nestačil

//Na začátku během animace opravíme velikosti záložek - sice čudlíky během animace nebudou funkční, ale to být nemusí a hlavně, že to správně bude během animace vizuálně. Opravu po animaci řeší kód výše

  //Provádíme pouze, existují-li záložky && záložka pro posun, tzn. jen když může vůbec daný bug vzniknout
  var objectWithTabs = $('.text-tabs').parent();

  if (objectWithTabs.length != null  && objectWithTabs.find('').length != 0){

      objectWithTabs.find('.floated-tab').css('width', '90%');
      objectWithTabs.find('.text-tab-content').css('width', '100%');
}, 1200)


A Wizardry 8 Portrait Pack for Wizardry 7 Gold was added to the Mods section.
The version 1.0 of the reworked website has been released! All sections are finished, English versions included. Except for the Forum, which will be DLC. :D

Added the reedit of Tron's Promise to the Remixes.

Added a new section - Mods.

Added various Timelapses to various Gaming Video Projects.

Some people were complaining about the long loading times for the background image (which is really big by the way), and the loading progress looks retarded on the page.

So I made a javascript that will set a "mini" version of the image as background, and then will start loading the full-sized version. Once the full-sized version is cached, it will be set as background. Originally this was made without JQuery, but I didn't manage to get it working (even though it should), so I said "fuck it" and did it like a pig.

var $backgroundContainer = $("#imPageExtContainer");
//$backgroundBigOriginal = $backgroundContainer.css('background-image');
//$finalImageSource = $backgroundBigOriginal.replace(/(^url\()|(\)$|[\"\'])/g, '');
$("#imPageExtContainer").css('background-image', 'url(' + "

var finalImageURLAsString = "
//Let's cache the bad boy and when it is loaded, set it as a background
$caching = $('<img>').attr('src', finalImageURLAsString).on('load', function() {

   $("#imPageExtContainer").css('background-image', 'url(' + finalImageURLAsString + ')');

There was a problem with some table objects (in video walkthroughs, etc.) that have more than one tab, for which the size of the entire box was determined simply by the longest height of all the tabs inside. That causes a problem with shorter tabs - a big black piece of background nothing was there due to the height difference.

So I coded a javascript that will crop the object height in accordance to the inner height of a currently selected tab of a table / list:

var table = $(".text-tab-content[id^=imTableObject]:visible");
var parentBox = table.parent();
var currentTableHeight = table.children().height() + 20;

//It's selected in such a way that children() always produces exantly one element.

Translating the whole website into English is almost done (90%).

Pretty much everything got restylized. New background. Several images had to be repainted to sit better with a dark background of some elements.

The player windows for Youtube, SmashCast Streaming and SmashCast Chat are fully adaptable now (so they should fit the screen nicely together with the rest of the page no matter what, I have tried it with iPhone 6 by emulating it's viewport...)

The internal files folder was relegated into Storage, so that bigger static files wouldn't have to be constantly reuploaded when the website is updated.

The website is now almost available in English. (half-done)

Fixed the menu bug - if there is an entering animation set for the menu in X5, and the menu isn't in the header or footer or it's own special side bar thing, then it is always in the background (so when the submenus rolled out, they would roll out BEHIND other elements on the page...)
It was so retarded I had to solve it by using javascript / JQuery:
$(".menu-mobile-animated").parent().parent().parent().css('z-index', '10000');
(and now the menu is ALWAYS in front, no matter what)

Afterwards I've spent about six hours by fruitlessly trying to remove the double scrollbars that appear during the entering animation of some objects. Overlay:hidden should be used to do that, but in addition to hiding the duplicite scrollbar it also clips the object and some animations look retarded after that. An overlay setting variant that would hid the scrollbar and not clip the object (needed at least during the entering animation) does not exist. :(
I've rounded the corners of the introduction video player in the introductory section. :D

Then there were some more graphical reworks of textboxes and stylizing navigational breadcrumbs (the first line at the top of the page, originally that existed without any styling whatsowever).

Added animations everywhere.

The entire website was completely overhauled.

Several video series were added ... I have to write these down from my memory ... Dungeon Siege 1 (Singleplayer + Coop campaigns) ... and ... UFO Afterlight I think. Plus Serious Sam 1: The First Encounter (+ Skineri). Also added Gaming Highlights to the Other videos section.

Fixed some typos (here in the News section for the ICY remix in the Czech version, and in the Walkthroughs section the word Periodically had a typo, plus didn‘t start with a big letter).

Page structure reworked (menus).

Added logos in the Let‘s Play section - Freelancer Discovery Tempest, OpenTTD Small Map, Lineage 2 Kamael, Blood 1, Vulture's Eye: Nethack, Need For Speed: Underground 2, Ultima Online Zerenxess, Half-Life 1, DC Universe, Counter Strike: Source, Diablo 2 LoD , Minecraft Templayer-Fuzimi Server, and Vietcong. Added logo in the Playthrough video section for Tekken 3. Additional logos added into the Gameplay video section for Ultima Online Auberon, and Master of Orion 2 Failed Attempt; Titles position fixed for Tekken Tournament (+Templars), and Game Dev Tycoon Fail (+Fuzimi). Video walkthroughs and Let‘s Play additions: Scooby Doo All Videos, Scooby Doo in the Castle of Mystery, Scooby Doo: Mystery (Sega Genesis); Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom, Gobliiins 1; Video playthrough and Let‘s Play additions: Master of Orion 2 Win, Half-Life 1 Coop, Serious Sam 0 (3 BFE), Serious Sam 1; Gameplay video and Let‘s Play sections addition: The Battle for Middle-Earth 2: The Fortress Maps, and Nidhogg 1; Informative video section addition: Temp Recommends; Other videos section addition: Temp‘s OCD videos; The Sims 1 reworked so that it links to language-specific versions.

I‘ve removed my skype from the Contact page due to me not using it whatsoever.

The Gaming projects section was modified in order to make my Ultima shard more prominent.

Added a dot in the Czech version of News, because it was missing in the spot where it should have been in the first place.  :)

Did the year really go by that quick? Well, it was my last year at the university, so it really went quick for me. In any case - I‘ve ran through various sections and modified them - I‘ve changed some typos in both the Czech and English version of the site, I‘ve brought some information up to date, then I‘ve also added links to, etc. Small changes for the most part. Then I‘ve added some items. In the Walkthroughs section: UFO Aftershock (with the ShadoWarrior's Total Rebalance Mod), Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy both singleplayer, and cooperative multiplayer (with Drowpac and Illidan), Loom (hybrid FM-Towns/CD version); Gameplays: Heroes 1 (with Fuzimi), Heroes 3 (with the Templars), Starcraft 1 multiplayer (with Mamlu), Master of Orion 2 the second failure (with Drowpac), „Chess“ (sections from various strategic games, etc.), GTA:SA-MP (with Fuzimi and Illidan), Wiggles / Diggles Sandbox Fail; Let‘s Plays / LPs: Starcraft 1 multiplayer (with Mamlu), Heroes 3 (with the Templars), Master of Orion 2 the second failure (with Drowpac), „Chess“ (sections from various strategic games, etc.), GTA:SA-MP (with Fuzimi and Illidan), Wiggles / Diggles Sandbox Fail, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy both singleplayer, and cooperative multiplayer (with Drowpac and Illidan); Remix videos: ICY: Journey to the White Wasteland - Soundtrack Main Theme Reedit; Other videos (didn‘t fit elsewhere): Templayer's "Voices" Versus X, Kikoskia Sings in Let's Plays (ripped); The Hero/Villain Gallery: Added the characters from the finale of my youtube series of Might and Magic VIII, and UFO: Aftershock.

Series added into the Walkthroughs section: Star Trek Online and Minecraft Farlands.

Items added into the Playthroughs section:  Gnomoria and OpenTTD - The Big Map.

New Gameplays: Battle for Wesnoth.

New Let‘s Plays / LPs: Star Trek Online,  Minecraft Farlands, Gnomoria, OpenTTD The Big Map and Battle for Wesnoth.

The last item added was inserted into Remix videos - the tempedit of UFO Aftershock.

Series added into the Walkthroughs section: - UFO Aftermath (Combo Mod), Minecraft: Complete the Monument - Diversity, Tam a Zpět periodických / There and Periodically back Again, Brány Skeldalu: Skřetí říše / Gates of Skeldal: The Orc Kingdom, Albion Adventures / Dobrodružství z Albionu ("Dračák"/DnD4e).

One item added into the Playthroughs section -  Dungeon Keeper 2: My Pet Dungeons.

New Let‘s Plays / LPs: NetKeen, Minecraft: Complete the Monument - Diversity, Bulánci, Tekken Tournament, Blood Bowl, Game Dev Tycoon Fail with Fuzimi, Jedi Academy Versus and Albion Adventures / Dobrodružství z Albionu ("Dračák"/DnD4e).

A single document was added into the Document projects section - Types of planets, suns, systems and nebulae.

New Info vids - You know what is FORSHIT(tm) ? and Dungeon Keeper 2 - Elite Creatures Tutorial.

Into the Tribute / AMV section, Ghost Rider Tribute - Inside the Fire - Tribute and Duel of the Metal Benders - Tribute were added.

Translational videos: LOOM audio tape (It will also make an appearence in the game playlist itself).

The last item added was added into the Remix videos - Varien - Lilith (Templayer reedit).

Things added into the Walkthroughs section: the English version of Agent Mlíčňák (Teenagent), 7 Dní a 7 Nocí (7 Days and 7 Nights) and CD Romek Sněhurka (Snowhite).

New Gameplays: Let‘s Fail at Master of Orion 2 and Ultima Online Auberon.

New Let‘s Plays / LPs (All Czech only): Heroes 1, Quantum Rush Beta and Vietcong 1 VS.

New Info vids: Xbox One versus Playstation 4 (+WiiU, Amazon Fire Tv, SteamBox, Ouya), The Welcoming Video (also added into the Main Section) and the Legend of Zelda Chronology (Czech only).

Links repaired for: How to Raise your Dragon, ŘEŽ / SAW, Ultima Online Zerenxess. Heroes 5 special video icon repaired. Hypertext links added to the News section (that means this section :) ).

Things added into the Let‘s Play / LP section - Vulture's Eye: Nethack, Need For Speed: Underground 2 Versus (with Fuzimi), UO Zerenxess - Templars, Blood 1 - Templars, Freelancer: Discovery Coop, Lineage II Kamael.

Two series added into Walkthroughs: Might and Magic 8 Alternate - Custom Group and Polda 1 / The Cop 1.

Various site errors have been repaired (namely how the section News works, one hypertext link to the gallery, one set of fonts).

Recent additions: Walkthrough section - Pokémon Silver, Horké Léto 1 (Hot Summer 1), Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Coop (+Vyktory), Zlatý Kalich / The Golden Calix.

Let‘s Play / LP section - Minecraft Templayer-Fuzimi Server [CZ only], DC Universe (with friends) [CZ only], Half Life 1 Deathmath (with friends) [CZ only], Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe Small Map (+Bartucha) [CZ only].

Translational videos - Translation of Final Fantasy VII: Complete into Czech.

The Kindred section was updated.

Added various projects without using this section.

The Doom 2 COOP playthrough with Skineri has been finished.

The news panel was created.

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