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I am Templayer and this is my website for posting and cataloging my projects, with detailed summaries about them.

Here is a notice for the Czech readers - Pokuď chcete tento web v češtině, klikněte nahoře na českou vlajku.

To the left you can see a panel with various buttons - The first one is the Main Section site, which is this one ; then there is the Contact site, which will allow you to contact me ; after that there are the various project sections - the document projects (which are text and image documents like .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, ....), the Video projects (mainly on youtube, video formats like .flv, .avi, .mp3,  .mpeg , but you can play them through my youtube channel without any need for special video players, except for the need to look on every video description, since it may contain instructions to several things, like turning the translation to English and my commentary on and off) and the gaming projects.

The Kindred site is about other authors, my cooperative authors of projects and other kindred spirits.

The Hero/Villain gallery is used to show either my RPG characters, or the characters of other people.

The last but not least is my Links tab, which basically are texts linking to other sites.

This website has been optimized for these browsers:
(every single one of these is being actively developed even in 2019)

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate:
      Firefox (Gecko),
      Chrome (Blink),
      Opera (Blink),
      Vivaldi (Blink),
      Waterfox (Gecko),
      Slimjet (Blink),
      Pale Moon (Goanna),
      Basilisk (Goanna),
      K-meleon (Goanna; Currently only works with the mobile version of this
            website; it has the very same problem in both Windows XP and
            Windows 7),
      Lunascape (The website doesn't work within the Trident Engine mode of
            Lunascape - the mobile version of this website works within the Webkit
            Engine and within the Gecko Engine),
      Lynx (fork of libwww; text-based)
      Otter Browser (WebKit; only the mobile version of this website works
            in it, and videos aren't working)
      GNOME Web (WebKit; previously called Epiphany, through Cygwin,
            only the mobile version of this website works)
      Chromium (Blink)
      SeaMonkey (Gecko)
      Midori (WebKit; only the mobile version of this website works)
      Qutebrowser (WebEngine)
      Torch (Blink)
      Sleipnir (Blink)
      Falkon (WebEngine)
      Beaker (Blink)
      Kinza (Blink)
      Iron (Blink)
      Links (Floyd-Steinberg; in Graphical Mode - javascripts do not work,
            even though it works overall and for example the video series in
            the Video Walkthroughs section show up correctly! The elements
            on the page have vastly different layout, and videos + watching a
            stream do not work, but otherwise it works! That engine is
            UNIQUE! :D )
      Dooble (WebEngine)
     Whale (Blink)
      Epic (WebKit; has nothing in common with the Epic Store)
      Website X5 Built-in Browser (Blink)
      Cốc Cốc (Blink)
      Tor Browser (Gecko)
      Blisk (Blink)

Windows XP 32-bit Professional:
      New Moon (Goanna),
      Serpent (Goanna),
      Mypal (Goanna),
      K-meleon (same as with the Win 7 version),
      Lunascape (same as with the Win 7 version),
      Lynx (fork of libwww; text-based)

Windows 98 Second Edition:
      Lynx (fork of libwww; text-based)

If someone still uses Internet Explorer (Trident),
they will be beaten with a stick.

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