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This is a gallery for RPG gaming characters, monsters, etc. There aren't any limitations, they can be from any RPG game, Strategy game (if there are some stats), customized car from NFSU etc. Modded characters are allowed, as are cheated ones (cheaters will be mocked upon however). To be added to this list, send me an email to with a screenshot (an image created using the printscreen button on the keyboard and then using CTRL+V in Paint or other image editor, or you can use FRAPS/Bandicam for image taking) on which is everything you want to be seen in the list. You can use the character(s) here from me as an example. I have unlimited email storage space. You are allowed to have one character per game. I’m also adding my final characters from my youtube series.

- My characters

- The characters of my co-players and family

- The characters of fans and youtube subscribers

- Just in case :)
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